Welcome to Noisemaker Effects

We're very proud to announce our new 2015-2016 lineup of effects! You can check the new models out below, as well as on our
Pedals page, which features details and purchase options for all new models!
You can order direct through this site, or through our shops on
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New pedal demos are coming ASAP!

Overall upgrades and improvements:
New true bypass wiring for better reliability on all power sources
Heavier duty enclosures
Higher quality switches
Improved circuit protection
Redesigned and improved circuits
Tube/Solid State/Modeling amp friendly circuits (every one of them!)
Single coil/Humbucker/Wide Range/Active pickup compatibility
New artwork
Much improved pedal layouts


Arcade - $89
Now featuring Gain, Shape, and Level controls for tons of lofi tones!

Deimos - $69
Thick fuzztortion. Wide, harmonic fuzz tones that tighten up into heavy distortion as the gain goes up. Get your doom on.

Destroyer - $129
What happens when you take an echo circuit, add a massive fuzz section, then an oscillation control? Destruction. Glorious destruction.

Donner Party - $69
As hungry as ever, now with a bigger gain range, more insanity at the high end, and far more focused controls.

Frenzy - $49
Insane fuzz. Octave up and octave down overtones, tons of compression, and even more gain.

The Loveless has been overwhelmingly popular. Now we're offering the fuzz side of it on its own. Massive fuzz, perfect for shoegaze and more.

Nucleus - $49
Sometimes a simple fuzz is exactly what you need. And that's what the Nucleus is. One knob of thick fuzz with great decay and harmonics.

Phobos - $69
The Deimos is mean. Phobos is it's insane other half.

Pompeii - $69
We took the general idea of the Fuzz Face, then fixed all the things that make Fuzz Faces suck. The result is the Pompeii. Thick, warm fuzz tones without any finicky or fickle behavior.

Tetrad - $129
The Four Horsemen was great and loved. The Tetrad takes it further, with four diode options, polarity options for each, and stacking options for piles of tones.

Zero - $89
Muff tones without the muffle. The Zero cuts through without losing that muff style fuzz tone. Knocking vintage Big Muffs off boards since 2012, and now even more affordable.


Hipster - $69
Get hip. Jangly, low-medium gain drive that adds a bit of thickness and punch as well. It's also covered in cats now. Cats are cool.

Karma - $69
Add some bite to your tone. The Karma adds transparent grit and a large gain range to your signal, giving your guitar or bass some bite without boosting treble.

Tokyo - $69
Vintage Japanese thrift store amp tones in pedal form. Unique overdrive qualities, without tossing out your guitar's natural tone.

Suckerpunch - $49
Our best and well loved boost, now with more gain on tap, more focused control, and of course, black and blue artwork.


Borealis - $89
We started with a solid echo circuit, then added an improved echo control, as well as a very cool shimmer control, which not only works interactively with the echo control, but also adds "spread" to the repeats, giving you an echo that crosses into reverb territory.

Chronos - $89
Much improved tone, less noise, and improved range on all three controls. These changes have made the Chronos our best, and most affordable all-around delay.

Haunt - $89
Improved reverb time takes the Haunt from just being an ethereal echo to being an all around short-time echo. Reverb, swells, slap back delay, and some very interesting echo tones are all to be had from the Haunt.

Nebula - $129
One of our biggest design improvements is the Nebula. Now with a unified circuit that covers reverb, delay, echo, multi-tap delay, swells and every combination of sounds in between.


Apocalypse - $299
We took a very cool fuzz circuit, and then we added literally every bell and whistle to it we could. Then we paired it with an echo section that similarly got all the bells and whistles, as well as a modulation section that, you guessed it, got all the bells and whistles too. The result is a beast of a pedal that covers tons of ground. This isn't just fuzz tones or echoes. This is the sound of the Apocalypse in a box.

Oblivion - $299
We couldn't forget something like the Oblivion. Delay. Echo, Modulation. More modulation. Reverb. Swells. Oscillations. Everything you can think of when it comes to time based effects and modulation is in the Oblivion. Twelve knobs, four switches (including switches for tails!) and more options than we could list here.